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Development, marketing and management

We offer a range of development soultions for various projects and applications.We specialise in web development and aim to provide our clients with the platform to boost their identity on a global stage. Click on the items below for more information, if you would like a quote for a particular solution enter your information and one of the team will be in touch shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

From retail to construction we cater for sole traders, clubs, charities, SME and anyone who wants to make their virtual idea a reality. Experienced in simple informational websites, ecommerce, ebooking, task management, learning management systems we deliver projects to a variety of merchants in the services sector.
We itemise billing in plain english to break down costs and bust confusing jargon. Undertaking research on your target market lets us build complimentary marketing strategies at no extra cost. You as the client decide how much input you want to have on the development of your project.
Delivery depends on the complexity of the product specifications and teaching and training necessary for products with user input. A simple project means a simple handover. After the handover has been completed, we will continue to offer training and consultation we also have a range of management plans available
In short, if they need to... Generally we channel communication through a designated project manager(DPM). Each Project has a DPM and it is their duty to communicate the relevant information from client to developer. Many channels are open for council depending on project complexity and our consultancy sessions are relative, informative and simple.

Web Design

Moderen, responsive designs at low prices. Your designated project manager will walk you through the design and development stages with several consultantcy sessions. We will propose various designs fitting your project based on branding exercises and deliver your project on time. Our handover session will provide you with all the tools and knowledge you may need in the future.We aim to have your projet wrapped up as fast as possible. Our business model relies on fast turn over of high quality projects therfore we do not benifit from lengthy development stages which ultimately cost you more money. This bussiness model allows us to reflect the true ethos of OHATIA Solutions,Transparency. Too many developers will leave you in the dark, we have a 24/7 support team available as part of our product aftercare pledge, this makes it easy for you to stay on top of your digital image.

Web Applications

Different projects will require user interaction to fully utilize your digital platform. In turn this will replace inhouse mondane administrative tasks. Your DPM will analyse your inhouse processes and systems to propose a low-cost development plan meeting the pre-defined specifications. Our development team will then get to work and deliver the project as fast as possible. In plain english, a hotel may need a booking application. The Hotel already has a basic informational website which they are content with. They would however like to add a booking facility to reduce the workload on their receptionist. Paul the project manager will consults with the hotel and gives them a quote. They accept as it is the best quote they have recived and then our development team intergrate the component. We also develope apps for android and apple platforms. We also offer a cloning service if you wish to develope an existing application model. The process consists of several consultantcy sessions followed by the development period. During the development period you will be fully informed and updated.

SEO & Digital Marketing Stratagies

Search engine optimization is vital if you wish to traffic potential customers or clients to your website as is a solid digital marketing stratagy. We have several plans available depending on your target audience using advertising platforms including facebook, google and toombla to direct your advertisment at your chosen demographic. Our marketing team will consult across several sessions to devise a social media campaign that fits your brand hierarchy. All proposals and bills are transparent and with regualr consultations you will be able to review £/click, hot topics and analyse vital marketing data. Not only will this allow you to ensure your getting your moneys worth, it will provide you with new previously unrecognised marketing leads and help direct focus to your more demanding leads.

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